I'm Nyree White, and I founded Brickwall Softball for one simple reason: I know how it feels to be you. When I first got started pitching, I was full of passion & ambition. Fortunately for me, I had access to the best pitching coach in the game. No, like actually the best... Mike White.
I had the passion, the coach, I worked my butt off and I was playing well, until I wasn't. No confidence, plateau in velocity, out of shape, burnt out, injured... You name it, I've struggled with it.  
Now don't get me wrong... I was a baller. I checked off many of the dreams on my list. But I walked away from my playing career knowing I had so much unrealized potential & struggled with the journey, both mentally & physically, far more than I needed to.
I was an expert at my position, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the knowledge and  experience in the world… but unless you know how to own your strengths, improve your weaknesses, master your mind, & GET IT DONE in the circle…. it’s not possible to reach the goal you desire.  
Because I lacked an elite mindset & had holes in my skillset, I struggled for YEARS to break through and reach my potential. So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about pitching, because I understood it was the bridge to living an empowered life of opportunity, growth & freedom.
In my search to master everything about pitching, I was able to help hundreds of pitchers transform their skillset & mindset to achieve success in the circle. My students transformed their confidence, increased velocity, learned how to have efficient mechanics that fit their style, mastered movement & hit spots on command…. As other pitchers wanted to take lessons from me, I realized how much knowledge I wanted to share that doesn't fit in lessons.
So, I put together a comprehensive program to teach my signature methodology, called the Pitching Blueprint, to build efficient, empowered, successful & confident pitchers.  After hundreds of student success stories… Brickwall Softball grew into more than just pitching lessons… It became a movement of pitchers becoming empowered leaders.
 Listen - I have been in the trenches and on the mountain tops, and here’s what I know: As a pitcher, you feel a deep calling and responsibility to use your gifts to help your team be successful. But in order to make the impact (and opportunities) you desire, you need to learn how to develop your skills and build your mindset for the next level.
That’s where I come in! Let me mentor you to become an elite pitcher by mastering the art & science of pitching.
Your future self is counting on you.



  • Softball Student-Athlete at Stanford University
    • Earned full athletic scholarship & graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 2016


  • Represented the USA Junior National Team 
    • Won gold at the 2011 Junior World Championships in Cape Town, South Africa
    • Won gold at the 2010 Pan American Games in Bogota, Colombia
  • Represented the New Zealand National Team at the 2018 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan


  • Played select softball with Firecrackers Rico in 2010 & 2011
    • Earned a 2nd place finish at PGF Nationals
  • 2x State Champion, winning back to back years with Marist Softball in 2008 and 2009
    • Earned numerous accolades: First Team All-State, Pitcher of the Year & Championship MVP 
    • Graduate of Marist Catholic High School, Class of 2011
  • Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, White played for the Eugene Thunder and Northwest Bullets Organizations



  • Pitching kinetics & kinematics  
  • Skill acquisition & athletic development: command, velocity, spin/movement, mechanical efficiency, game performance
  • Student athlete mental health, risk assessment & effective interventions
  • Student athlete mental performance, mindfulness approaches & mindset development
  • Analysis, communication & instruction of technical pitching concepts
  • Virtual sports instruction


Founder, Brickwall Softball | 2018-present

Pitching Instructor, Nyree White Pitching Academy | 2010-2018 in Eugene, Oregon

Coach, The Packaged Deal | 2015-2019


Lab & Project Manager for the Suicide Prevention Research Lab | Stanford School of Medicine 2015-2018

Assistant Teacher | Bing Nursery School, Childhood Development Research Lab 2014-2016



Brickwall Softball's mission is to empower young women with educational, financial and athletic opportunity through their passion for pitching, turning player development into personal development.


Arguably the greatest pitcher to ever play the game of fastpitch, Mike White is the authority on pitching. Arguably the best pitching coach in the game, he is also my dad. His story has impacted me deeply & is the inspiration behind Brickwall Softball.

As a 14-year-old growing up in New Zealand, Mike White was asked by his team to learn how to pitch. To learn, he started studying the men’s fastpitch greats in Wellington before going and pitching against the brick wall at his school. Pitching against that brick wall, White mastered his craft, coached himself, and forged an unshakable mindset.


Entirely self-taught, he went on to become the greatest men’s pitcher of all time. Some highlights from his decorated career:

  • Member of the ISC, ASA, ISF, and NZSA Halls of Fame
  • 6 trips to the World Championships representing New Zealand & Team USA, winning two gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze
  • 10 time ISC All-World player
  • ISC Most Valuable Pitcher, 1987 & 2002
  • Most Wins in ISC Tournament History- 70 


As a coach, White has dominated in college softball, leading the Oregon Ducks to 5 PAC-12 championships in 6 years and is currently the Head Coach at the University of Texas. 

The depth of his contribution to the sport of softball & his impact on thousands of young women cannot be overstated.He embodies a pure passion for excellence, a prolific work ethic, unwavering loyalty to his family & core values in all things. 



To me, Coach White will always be just dad; the man who (very patiently) spent thousands of hours teaching me to pitch, catching me on the bucket & getting me to tournaments. With his softball journey, my dad has unlocked generational blessings in my family, imparted a lifetime of knowledge & created the environment I needed to flourish.

I hope to continue his legacy of empowering women through pitching at Brickwall Softball, always drawing upon his story to remember to build brick by brick. 

As I have evolved & expanded on his teachings, the core of my coaching will always be built on the principles, values, & perspective he instilled in me in the bullpen.

For us, pitching is the secret family recipe handed down through generations. It is a privilege to pay forward the blessing of effective coaching & supportive mentorship I was given.




The koru is a Maori symbol representing new life and continual growth while always returning to the origin. This symbol of perpetual movement, harmony, and potential has always stuck with me, mirroring my intention in life & in softball to always strive for transformation while I stay grounded in where I came from.

The Brickwall Softball logo was inspired by the koru to honor the many ways the culture & spirit of New Zealand have shaped my softball journey and my family's story.

What does Brickwall mean?



Located in Round Rock, Texas, our 2000 square foot facility is a pitchers paradise. No hitting, no fielding - just pitching. 

Our facility is outfitted with a full weight room, Rapsodo, lounge space, restroom, A/C and 4 pitching lanes


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