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I am so proud to offer this one-of-a-kind, in depth, and personalized online training program & have the opportunity to work with you! This program was developed entirely based on the desires & struggles that pitchers have expressed to me for so many years.

I heard you loud & clear and built this program to help you smash your goals.
I would love the opportunity to work with you & build your best game.

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This program is custom built around an analysis & detailed evaluation of your mechanics, velocity, movement, and location. Each month the pitcher sends video and written check-in in for detailed analysis and feedback by Coach Nyree, including voiceover, visual illustration and comparison to an elite pitcher for you to study, telling you exactly what to work on and in what order.


A customized practice program is built around your goals & personal areas of improvement. Drills & exercises are selected to target the mechanics, spin, or locations you need to work on. You will receive guidance about exactly how to achieve the best progress, including the volume/length of your pitching practices, fresh competitive challenges, arm care/recovery, & which tools you actually need (not many!). You will receive a video of each drill with a detailed explanation of how to do it, why, and how to troubleshoot it.


In-depth videos will teach you about the skill or mechanic you are learning and how/why it works, including the key principles, strategies, and methods you can use to make the most of your time & hard work. These videos will help you to understand how to develop the skills you need with no more guesswork, so you will know exactly how to get the results you are working for.


The weekly group coaching and mentorship session focuses on troubleshooting your process, as well as helping motivate, mentor, and guide you in growing as an athlete and bringing your best to the circle on game day. You will learn how to manage the mental and emotional side of pitching to own your moment on the mound.


An elite athlete is built from an elite mindset. Sports psychology and mindfulness skills are built in throughout the program to make resilient, driven, and smart pitchers who are prepared to win in the biggest moment. You will learn the art of pitching, covering the many in-game skills needed to attack hitter’s weaknesses, understand pitch calling & sequences, overcome challenges like conditions & bad strike zones, and communicating with your catcher/coach as a battery.


You will receive access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can receive support and Nyree will answer questions, provide feedback on videos, and offer guidance on anything you may need.

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Pitchers often word hard, but have trouble making real progress. You have big dreams on the softball field but want to know exactly what to do to get there. We often feel unsure – how can I get better? What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this? Why is my speed stuck? Maybe pitching is causing pain & injury, or it’s just hard to enjoy it. It can get frustrating struggling with the same things game after game when you’re trying to improve & know you can be great. You just want to know what you need to do.

This Program IS bUILT FOR YOU.

This program will:

  • Help you achieve your best ever performance in the circle by improving speed, location, movement, athleticism & mentality.
  • Give you clarity about what you should be working on
  • Share the mental skill sets you need to make big progress
  • Provide you with the highest-level training no matter where you live
  • Show you a new system and approach to pitching that will spark passion and a love for pitching again

This is the program for you if:

  • You are driven, committed & willing to work hard on your pitching several days per week
  • You have access to a place to pitch, a bucket of balls, & a net most days, as well as a catcher at least 2 days/week
  • You are an intermediate-level pitcher looking to improve mechanics, location, speed, and movement. Advanced & beginner pitchers, a program is coming for you Fall 2019.
  • This program is ideal for pitchers without a pitching coach because it is in depth, although it is ok as long as you communicate with your coach that you are also doing this program & they are on board with that.
  • You are willing to commit to the program for 2 months and follow it consistently.


Coach Nyree is taking only 25 students in the June/July round of online coaching in order to best serve you. To learn all the details, find out if this program is a fit for you, & apply for the upcoming round of online coaching, please fill out the contact form below and Nyree will reach out to discuss the specifics and answer all your questions to determine if this is the right program for you. We look forward to connecting and working with you!


Training begins JUNE 1, 2019

Program July 31 or August 31 (8 or 12 week options available)

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Reach out at for more information.

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