I have gone through my share of pitching coaches, each one with their own way of teaching. But when I started to going to Nyree I was opened up to a whole new way of learning. She has shown me a whole other way of looking at certain mechanics. She’s able to connect with me not just as a student, but as a person so she can help me in the best way.

I have seen major improvement in my spin and movement in and outside of games. She’s also helped me with the mental aspect of the game, and has shown me that it’s all a process. On top of that, I’ve never known someone with a greater desire to know more. Every time I ask a question, she’s there to answer me with all the information she has to give, based on her own research. Not only does she want to know more, but is also filled with energy and a want to help.

She has been there to improvise when things may be rough and adjust to my pitching style. She gives me drills to better myself, piece by piece because it’s always a process. I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d ever let teach me about pitching, about the game, or just life in general. She’s there for me on my good days and bad days. Rain or shine, literally. I’m so glad to have her as my teacher and can’t wait for more to come!

Taylor Haywood

My daughter is 13 and has been seeing Nyree for the past 5 months.  She has been in weekly pitching lessons since she was 9.  We weren’t really looking for a new coach but ended up in a lesson with Nyree kind of by being in the right place at the right time. After one lesson with Nyree, we immediately knew what we had been missing out on.

This was the first time my daughter had been coached by a female coach who had actually been a pitcher. Nyree was not only able to break down the pitch in ways she had never been taught before, but she was able to demonstrate. This is the first time since my daughter has started taking lessons that when I say “we have lessons tonight”, she doesn’t complain or say I don’t want to go. She has excitement and is always ready to go and learn.

Nyree connects on a level that no one else has been able to do and she makes working… fun! Our primary focus over the past 5 months has really been breaking down every aspect of the pitch and tweaking mechanics to increase her speed.

Nyree is patient and has gotten very creative in showing my daughter drills that help her to achieve the goal. On a level of 1-10, Nyree is a 10. By far the best coach we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I know she will get my daughter to the next level.

Cheryl Trbula

After our first meeting, we were hooked. First Nyree is a pitcher who played at the collegiate level, she has extensive knowledge of the game and pitching, and she comes from a softball bloodline. Em’s (15 years old) connection to her was instant. Coach broke down improvements in a number of ways and explained each one in a way our daughter could understand. The conversations are always two-way and allow for a high-level strategy back and forth that 1) allows Emma to execute the learned way but 2) experiment and develop variations on how the pitch is executed to get different results, resulting in a new nasty pitch.

Nyree is someone who has been in her shoes and can relate to the highs and lows of this high-pressure position. When our daughter shares a story of something that happened on the field, Coach will share her own similar story & how she managed it. It’s only been a few months but we couldn’t be more excited to have Coach Nyree develop our player and be in Em’s circle of coaches and mentors.

Laurie Solis 

I have really enjoyed working with Nyree. She has shown me a lot about not having to overpower a batter. I have learned some things that have allowed to improve my pitching to make the most of myself.  She makes it fun but at the same time makes me work and think. Always looking forward to my lessons with Nyree because I know when I leave, I leave better and with homework to do for the next lesson.

Madison Azua

Nyree is amazing! She puts so much time and effort into each girl. She has college experience, knows her stuff and bonds with the kids. I would 100% recommend her! She worked with my 12u daughter and we saw great improvement, even within a short period of time.

At this point it’s worth sending out daughter to Texas from Oregon periodically to work with Nyree. She is everything and more a person would want in a pitching coach.

Travis Hawkins

Nyree’s quick analysis of a pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses is impressive. Nyree spent time making small adjustments to my pitcher’s existing style, rather than overhauling the entire motion.

Having multiple drills and explanations made it easy to implement the changes that worked best for my pitcher. The video analysis and homework are great tools to end the session. I highly recommend Nyree as a pitching coach.

Chris Nordling

Our daughter has excelled above our expectations with Nyree’s guidance. Her mechanics in pitching have improved and the lessons have allowed her to work on a variety of different drills that are creative and specific to her needs of growth. Nyree pushes her to understand her own strength and her coaching skills have allowed our daughter to grow into a stronger pitcher.

Mendi Long

My daughter loves working with Nyree. She is able to explain and demonstrate how to fix my daughters mechanics instead of just telling her she’s doing it wrong. I see a light bulb go off in my daughter’s head during our lessons and it truly excites her.

My daughter’s mechanics have improved tremendously and I would recommend her to any pitcher that’s looking to dial in her mechanics or has been frustrated with other coaches not understanding how to improve. Nyree keeps it light and positive at the same time pushing you to be your best. There are things we are just learning now as a 14u pitcher that I wish we knew years ago!

Christine McClean

We started working with Coach Nyree four months ago, and have already seen major growth. We came to Coach Nyree hoping to draw some more power and spin out of our daughter’s pitches, and within a few lessons started seeing improvements. We have seen significant improvement in both speed and movement, and a relentless approach to growing the right mindset, being intentional with everything she is working on, enjoying the process… and never compromising what we know is as important as anything, being very precise with locations.

We are beyond happy with what we have seen as parents, my daughter is enjoying every minute of her lesson, even knowing it may mean a 2.5 hour ride each way, and more than anything we are excited to see what else, what’s next, how much is left in the tank. Her work ethic and excitement for sharing her knowledge is easy to see; the girls feed off of it when they are working and it is always fun to see them challenge each other to a game of HORSE at the end of a lesson.

Fernando Martinez

Our daughter Clare has improved so much in such a short period of time. She went from having never pitching to beating the top 2nd year 10u teams this spring. Nyree has improved Clare’s confidence in herself, first & foremost and she believes she can beat any batter out there because Nyree has instilled a strong unbreakable mindset in her. Nyree has helped instill a work ethic in Clare that is second to none. She pitches every day after school because she wants to be the best not only on her team but the best in the nation. As a result, her accuracy and speed improve every time she is in the circle.

Clare believes in Nyree & just as important, Nyree believes in Clare. Clare really enjoys being around Nyree & not just at lessons; Clare saw Nyree at a Texas softball game this spring & she came to sit by her & take pictures. Clare was so excited and said, “I’m so lucky Nyree is my pitching coach.

Stephen Guidry